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Rags to Riches in Malahide – Malahide Castle and the Marquis of Wellesley Page 2
Yacht Marguerite - an old Malahide lady Page 5
Images of old Malahide Pages 6

New constitution Page 1
Portmarnock tide mill Page 2
Minerals on the coast Page 4
Fires in Malahide in 1903 and 1905 Page 5
Trippers on the estuary Page 6
The Great War memorabilia
From our museum collection – Prime Minister Asquith's meeting in Dublin Page 8

St. Marnock - Who was he? Page 2
“Come quick. Town will be burnt” Page 4
Flower Show, circa 1904 Page 7
Army manoeuvres in Malahide in 1904 Page 8
From our archives Page 11

How St. Sylvester’s got it’s spire. Page 2
Malahide in the O’Dea Photo Collection, 1938 - 1992. Page 13
Can you identify this pipe band? Page 13
The Rutherfoords of ‘St Doulough’s Lodge’, now ‘Wellfield’. Page 14 Replacing the Dublin Road rail bridge. Page 15
Malahide station in times past. Page 16

Officers for 2015 Page 1
Lecture programme Nov. 2015 - May 2016 Page 1
B. Bassett - WW I Survivor Page 2
A Great War Disaster Page 7
Anonymous Donor of St. Sylvester’s Altar Page 9
Local Constabulary 1845/47 Page 11
Malahide views from The Island in the 1930s . Page 14

Page 1 Museum Update
Page 2 Text of Paddy Ryan’s talk on Brian Inglis
Page 5 A Century On: Eoin McNeill and Laurence O’Neill By Garry Ahern
Page 7 The Malahide VADs during World War I By Roger Greene
Page 10 Isabel Lady Talbot (1851-1932) By Roger Greene
Page 14 On display at Museum

Winter/Spring talks programme    Heritage Week/Museum visitors
Page 2  The Oona tragedy By Roger Greene 
Page 12 The Malahide Coastguard Presence By Garry Ahern
Page  14 Other local shipwrecks
Page 15 On display at Museum
Page 16 Images from our archive

Page 1.  Museum news
Page 2.  A Mysterious Claddagh RingPage 3.  William Talbot - a sad love story 
Page 15. William Talbot of Malahide Castle

Page 1 Museum fundraising
Page 2 Growing up in Malahide by Ian Glass
Page 9  Growing up in Malahide by Ursala O'Reilly
Page 12 Recent museum acquisitions

Page 1  The late Noel Flanagan
Page 2  Glimpses of Malahide and Portmarnock past
Page 9  Nathaniel Trumbull of Beechwood - an international trader
Page 11 Two Remarkable Survivors
Page 12 Townyard Lane
Page 14 Malahide News nostalgia
Page 15 Museum News

Page 1 Museum update.
Page 2: “The Haunting Soldier” and World War I.
Pages 3-5 ‘Killed in action’ documents.
Page 6 First World War Irish recruitment posters.
Page 7 WW1 memorials around the country.
Page 8 Seapark House auction, 1857.
Page 9 Robb’s Wall farm auction, 1875.
Pages 10-11 Funeral service for Lord Talbot, 1921.
Pages 12-13 More about Lord Richard Wogan Talbot.
Page 14-17 Three ships with Portmarnock
connections. Also wood carvings at Malahide Castle.
Page 18 Talbot Pedigree document from 1829

Page 1   Byrne's Dictionary of Irish local History
Page 2   Malahide Manor, 1291 AD.
Page 3   Miss Austen's Boarding School
Page 6   Nathaniel Hone, the Younger
Page 7   St. Ita's Hospital, Portrane
Page 12 Portrane Round Tower
Page 13 Order and Disorder around Malahide in the past 

Most of the content comprises clippings of Malahide interest taken from 19th century editions of the Freeman’s Journal and The Irish Times

Service records of Voluntary Aid Detachments (VAD) with Malahide addresses in WWI